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Recent years with the development of tourism, Ho Chi Minh City in general and accommodation in Go Vap district in particular is the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. The system of hotel restaurants (KS) has been invested by many enterprises with large scale, modern equipment, meeting standards from 2-3 stars. Quang Trung Hotel of Quang Trung Hotel Company Limited is one of the prestigious brands in the field of accommodation.

Quang Trung Hotel

CôngThương - Understanding the corporate culture in hotel business is a special type of service activities, the Board of Directors has focused on building the culture in business. This is the most direct and visible space, scene. KS is a stopover in the system of resting, resting and entertainment services so the demand for aesthetics is very high. Moreover, the attitude of the staff should be in line with the ethical standards of the nation and the nation in order to create the trust of visitors. Communication behaviors such as sincere greetings, polite handshakes and respectful eyes are important communication behaviors that demonstrate the culture of employees in Quang Trung Hotel. This has left a good impression for visitors, creating prestige for the company.

Mr. Hoang Cong Hiep, Director of Quang Trung Hotel Company Limited, Quang Trung Hotel Investment Unit, said that the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, through assessment, it has been recognized that Quang Trung Hotel achieves two star hotel standards.
In the coming time, the company will expand its investment in 3 to 4 star standard accommodation to meet the increasing demand of tourists. Ho Chi Minh. Hopefully soon, Quang Trung Hotel will develop and become a prestige brand in the tourism industry of Vietnam.

With 35 comfortable rooms, modern, elegant design, restaurant serving food, it can be said, Quang Trung Hotel is one of the addresses in Go Vap district are domestic and international tourists hit. expensive. The hotel is located on a large campus of nearly 1,000m2 in front of Quang Trung street, 40m wide, is the main center line and very close to the airport, An Suong bus station as well as near the National Highway 1A Highway 120m across from north to south. Advantage of KS is near Quang Trung Software Park so many foreign experts have chosen Quang Trung Hotel as their residence.

In addition to appreciating the fresh clean environment, safe hygiene, thoughtful service, enthusiastic staff, many visitors after their stay have left a note, thank you letter, email To express sincere words. Mr. Michael Giretchen Monson from the US said the feeling is very satisfied, especially KS service is perfect, affordable and staff are very friendly. Ms. Le Hoang My Ngoc confirmed that she will return to work, because here services and utilities. Quang Trung Hotel has been awarded "Tourism Quality Service, First Time in 2013" by Tourism Newspaper (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism). Director Hoang Cong Hiep was praised by the local authorities, winning the title of "Good person with good deeds" in 2013 and is a member of Vietnam Businessmen Club.

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